10 Reasons Why You Might Not Pass Your Driving Test

A driving test is not a smooth engagement. It comes with its fair share of hurdles standing in your way of success. There are many reasons why you might fail this test, but the most common ones include the following:

1.         Poor Observations at Junctions 

If you are not keen on observing junctions, you might run into other vehicles or cause accidents. This way, you automatically fail your test.

2.         Moving off

Should you decide to move off from the side of the road and join the traffic, be keen on your blind spots and indicate accordingly. Failure to observe this may lead to a fail.

3.         Observing the Mirrors

Failure to timely observe your mirrors before speeding or pulling up is a good reason to fail.

4.         Poor Reverse Parking

Reverse parking demands good judgment, accuracy, and full control. A fault on these aspects leads to a fail. 

5.         Wrong Response to Traffic Lights 

If you do not religiously respond to traffic lights by stopping or proceeding as dictated, you are on the verge of failing your test. 

6.         Poor Steering

If you cannot maintain a steady course in normal driving or follow the contour of the kerb, a fail awaits you.

7.         Poor Positioning

Straddling lanes or driving off your lane is a good reason to fail your driving test. It is imperative to stay in the middle of the lane.

8.         Wrong Turns at the Junction 

Wrong right junction turns can also lead to failure. Ensure your vehicle is positioned correctly and that you make good observations.

9.         Loss of Control When Driving Off

Avoid rolling backwards, driving with the handbrake on, or not putting the car in the right gear to avoid losing control.

10.  Poor Response to Road Markings

If you are not privy to various road markings, then you are bound to respond wrongly or not at all. This may fail.

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