ADI's Can Earn 10% more

Did you know that as an ADI signed up with MockDrivingTest, you could earn up to 10% more. 

Our unique Artificial Intelligence model is designed to help both you and the learner get the most out of your time. By providing you with analysis from your lesson, our algorithm helps you to focus lessons on specific areas and ensures you don’t cover content the learner is already able to do, without you having to spend hours lesson planning. With some learners taking up to 15% less time to pass their test, this will increase your first time pass rate, making you eligible for our first time pass bonus, as well as increasing your reputation points! With a higher first time pass rate, and reputation for teaching students quickly and efficiently, you will be able to increase your rate and therefore earn more money!

This algorithm is not just limited to taking lessons or mock tests with us, it is available for purchase for your own business too! Our vision is to increase the first time pass rate of the UK, and we’re more than happy to share our system to help get there. To find out more contact us at [email protected]

Want to find out the other great benefits of signing up with us, take a look at our ADI Benefits page

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