Alice's Success Story of Passing Driving Test with MockDrivingTest

Hello Everyone.

I am Alice* and live in London. Today I am sharing my story of the driving tests I took.

In this story, I will share the experience of failing 10 times and then how I passed the exam. How did I keep myself motivated after every failed attempt?

I started my journey of learning driving in 2013. I was so excited to learn driving because after passing my test, it would be so great to drop and pick up from school and go shopping etc.

Well! I know I was so naive that I could not learn to drive the way I should have.

I failed recursively in the driving test in a new way every time.

By the grace of God, I never lost hope and sustained my determination strong that one day I will pass my test.

So now, let's go back to the beginning; I cleared my theory test in September 2013 in Slough. My theory test was valid till May 2017. When there were only 6 months left, I enrolled in driving lessons. Yes! It is true. I was inactive in the meantime. I couldn't join driving lessons for the time being. Reasons are personal so let's leave this.

After my driving lessons, I thought I was ready but ended up failing the driving test again. My instructor told me that it happened because of hesitation.

Again I pulled my socks and applied for the 2nd time in Manoeuvres; I thought changing location might help but failed.

3rd time, everything was going so smooth and perfect until the examiner said that I need to stop at red and look at both sides after the signal turns green. And there I was again on the same spot, failed.

And 4th time, I was so positive that I am going to pass this time. It's funny what happened in the test. I cautiously stopped at the roundabout for a moment and looked at the left side instead of the right side caused me to failed again.

I realised why this was happening because I didn't even revise once after passing my theory test, so it was natural to make mistakes.

In 2016, we shifted to Basingstoke. I already lost almost all the hopes. 

After so much efforts and motivation of family, they brought me on the road in 2017. I had started preparing again, so I joined driving lessons. My new instructor started giving driving lessons on roundabouts, parking etc.

There I booked for 5th driving test but bad luck again, while I was coming from the tunnel, there was a small roundabout near the Mall. I missed watching the traffic coming from the right side and failed again.

Well, I didn't give up yet, so I booked a driving test again for the 6th time. This time I couldn't even go so far and failed because I was neither in the left lane nor the right lane. If you were there, you could have seen that I was under pressure and lacking confidence.

Here I was again on the same spot; I took the test for the 7th time in Manoeuvre at the three-point turn.

My 8th driving test was quite interesting. We were on the highway. There was this slip road; I saw a car coming from the slip road and stopped for that to pass. My examiner told me that you should NOT stop while you are driving on the highway. The other driver will stop coming from a slip road. And here I fail again.

9th driving test, I don't even understand why I even book. I was unconfident like hell.

Well, I can laugh now. But back then, I was disappointed in myself because I was thinking seriously, "is it really hard to pass the test for me?" "Will I ever be able to drive my car or not?"

The need to pass the test was tickling in my head because I am an independent woman; that's why I don't want lift every time. I want to pick and drop my kids from school and go to malls etc. So I had to pass.

My theory test had also expired again in 2017, and I gave up on the driving test.

One day my friend Nick visited my place and recommended me mock driving test via I agreed and booked a mock practical driving test.

The examiner arrived on time and took my test real-like condition on the driving test routes. I was failed this test and received a detailed report within 24 hours. Examiner clearly stated which were my positive areas and where I need improvements.

I got this feeling that now I can pass the driving test. It was better to make mistakes in the mock test instead of failing in the driving test. I prepared thoroughly and followed every piece of advice given to me.

After one week, I gave one more shot to the mock driving test. I cleared this time. I received the detailed report and a personal feedback call as well.

Now I was happy and confident after passing the mock test, so I booked the driving test for the 10th time. team called and wished me on the test day.

This the time I wasn't scared and cleared my driving test. Yes, you heard it right. I cleared my driving test.

It was an achievement for me, and I thanked the team for everything.

All I want to say is that it's better to fail in a mock driving test instead of failing in a real test. It boosts the confidence of the unknown examiner. You also get the best advice from experts ADIs.

*Note: Name was changed for Data Privacy.

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