Benefits of finding Driving Instructor through us

Benefits of Finding a Driving Instructor through us

When you decide that you need to take a driving lesson, it is imperative that you choose the right driving instructor. An instructor is responsible not only for teaching you the right driving skills but also for your safety, legality and driving future. 

Usually you need to go through various tiring steps like researching local instructors, making appointments, meeting them, asking questions, and then making a final decision. Some people want to go with recommendations, but what if you can’t get a good recommendation? Few people say that taking driving lessons from a family member or friend of a friend is a good idea, but we say anyone who is giving driving lessons must be DVSA approved. Some people want to go with the cheapest, and some want to consider the practicalities like pick up and drop off location, the notice period for cancelling the lessons, flexibility with lessons time/date. 

When choosing a driving instructor, you want everything to be just right. 

MockDrivingTest.Com is an exclusive service that exists for the sole purpose of giving you everything on one single platform about your driving lessons. We have nationwide driving instructors, which helps us give you better deals and more options. You can choose the right instructor for you out of the various options available - Enter your postcode, and you will get a list of instructors with their price, rating and availability. is committed to offering the shortest training time and highest driving test pass rate. We use Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to help increase the chances of passing the UK driving test the first time. We provide pass-assist lessons, driving lessons, theory test and practical Mock Driving Tests that help both ADIs and students create Driving Test success stories. 

We are just a click or a call away. 

After all, technology makes our personal life so much easier, hassle-free and fun; we say why should driving lessons be different. Register now at

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