Common UK Driving Test Faults: Reverse Parallel Parking

Common UK Driving Test Faults: Reverse Parallel Parking

Reverse parallel parking is one of the most important and difficult driving test questions that determine whether you achieve your pass or not.  Rest assured, it is not easy, but with enough practice, it can be a walk in the park. This manoeuvre is a test of accuracy, control, and good observation.

The idea is to be as thorough as possible in your observations, have good judgment, and be in control. To pass the test question, the 1:2:1 method is the most recommended method of reverse parallel parking. It entails the following critical steps:

  • Align your vehicle’s rear wheels to the back wheels of the car parked ahead of the open space and ensure your indicator is on. This allows you enough space to reverse to your parking area.

  • Swing your steering wheel to the direction of parking space to turn your wheels towards the course you intend to park while in full lock. Ensure the vehicle is stationary.

  • Check the mirrors. Before you start reversing, it is imperative to observe the mirrors and look over your shoulders to avoid a crash

  • Reverse while keeping the steering wheel on full lock. Once you're certain the coast is clear, reverse slowly towards the parking space until the front vehicle’s back wheels are opposite your vehicle’s front wheels. You can now stop and straighten your steering wheel until your front wheels are straight as well.

  • Slowly reverse again to ensure your vehicle’s outside tire is aligned to the front vehicle’s outside tire. Keep observing while having in mind that any unwarranted crash will also undoubtedly crash your dream of passing your test.

  • With your steering wheel in full lock, keep reversing until your vehicle is entirely straight.

  • If your vehicle is straightened and in line with other cars, go ahead and make necessary adjustments. You could bring it to the centre of the parking space but leave enough space between the car ahead and the one behind.

The reverse parallel parking is a critical part of your journey getting that pass you are dying for. It proves to your examiner how ready you are to hit the road on your own. To crack it, you need to put in loads of work, practise and follow instructions. The above-recommended drills will lead you in the right direction. If you want extra preparation, you can access a mock test on our website

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