Corona Response Group

With the near future visibly being a time when we will have to be locked inside our houses, the ADI business like all other businesses will get impacted.

To respond to this crisis, the MockDrivingTest team have

  • Set up a WhatsApp group to show solidarity and support each other during these difficult times. The agenda here is NOT business but a way to join together and ask anything that may be troubling us; and answer other people's questions. If you feel you would like to help and be helped, please click on the following link to join this group.

In addition to this, to help people who are self-isolating, we are currently working on joining hands with:

  • A mental health firm who will be offering a free consultation if you are self-isolating
  • Joining hands with a voluntary work organisation who will help delivering essentials to your door

so please watch this space

Moreover, the following is some useful information and some useful links to deal with the Corona Crisis:

  1. Social Distancing:

    Social distancing

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