How long does it take me to learn to drive?

The most common question we get is ‘how quickly can I learn to drive?’ Learning to drive could open a variety of new doors for everyone, and nowadays it is often a requirement for job hunting. We understand that once you’re in the mindset that you want your licence, you want to start as quickly as possible and get lessons over and done with.

Fortunately, here at Mock Driving  we offer  the best intensive course  that will have you on the road in ten weeks. This is one of our best driving crash courses which includes focused driving lessons that will help you to be much more confident for the final test. It will be the most value for your money course which provides you with all of the information that you will need when driving in real life or trying to pass your practical driving test.

MockDrivingTest understands that ambitious learners like to learn how to drive flawlessly in very little time. However, we need to be realistic by saying that something such as a “one-week driving course guaranteed pass” does not exist.

The guarantee of passing comes only with time, hard work, and a great instructor. This is why we recommend this course for intermediate level drivers only

It takes two to make a team and we would like to help you pass your driving test with this one-week driving crash course being trained by our highly-skilled driving instructors.

Could I just learn to drive the ‘traditional way’, by having one lesson per week?

Absolutely, your driving can be done in your timescale and your course is created individually to suit your needs. 

We can do lessons or offer a mock driving test which  is a practice driving test in an similar environment to the actual test, helping you to pass on the first attempt. It has been created to give learner drivers a taste of what to expect on test day. A Mock Driving Test can help to iron out any last minute gaps in your driving knowledge, as well as combat test nerves. It can help you to feel more in control during your practical exam as you know what to expect. It will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your driving strengths and weaknesses so you know which areas to focus on before the big day.

We have numerous options to help you get on the road, your options are in our hands so get in touch and make that first step today. 

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