How To Tackle Weak Points Before Your UK Driving Test through Pass-Assist lessons

How to tackle weak points before your Driving Test with Pass-Assist lessons

Learning to tackle weak points before your driving test, begins with knowing your weak points. We use a Mock Driving Test to find the weak points in your driving and follow them with our pass-assist lessons to tackle the gaps one by one. 

A quick google search on 'crash course driving test guaranteed pass' will point you to many resources that will promise you many things, but be wary, learning to drive is a difficult process, and for good reason. You need a certain amount of experience to be a safe driver and that is all the DVSA want, safe roads and drivers.. However, we believe that our pass-assist lessons are a great way to learn all the tips and tricks that are required to pass your driving test first time. 

Learning to drive a car is a life skill and like any other skill, it takes time to master. Our pass-assist lessons help you build confidence in yourself to help you fine-tune this new skill, sufficient to a level that you will be able to pass the driving test first time. When it comes to tackling weak points, we advise taking our 2-hour pass-assist lesson focusing on specific skill for that duration. 

Sometimes, just knowing your weak points and knowing how you can tackle them boosts your confidence a lot, which helps you perform better. Our pass-assist lessons are like a 'crash course driving test guaranteed pass' and perfect way to ensure that you understand your weak points and tackle them before your UK driving test. 

While working on building your driving skill, please keep in mind that

  • You've got to be comfortably seated in the car 
  • Mirror-Signal-Maneuver is a mantra that can never be overstated for driving
  • As soon as you get in the car, check and adjust those mirrors
  • One of the main weak points where most test takers fail is blind spots. When moving off, you must always make sure that it's clear and safe. This is one thing that our Approved Driving Instructor will stress time and time again.
  • The most common cause of accidents is a lack of space between vehicles, coupled with excessive speed (5 mph can be too fast in some situations). You owe it to yourself and your passengers to keep a safe gap between you and the vehicle ahead at all times. Our approved driving instructors will show you what safe distance means during a practical driving test and how you can avoid accidents by maintaining safe distance.

From simple driving skills to learning manoeuvres, our pass-assist lessons can be 2-hr specific skills lessons about any aspect of driving to help you tackle your weak points and pass your driving test first time.

Pass-assist lessons can help you focus and learn how to tackle specific weak points before your driving test. Our approved driving instructors have years of experience and understand the common weak points that make all the difference between pass and fail.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of our mock driving tests or pass-assist lessons today. You can also call us, chat to us or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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