How will our Mock Driving Test set you up for success?

If you are serious about passing your driving test in this attempt, you should give serious thought to taking our Mock Driving Test. 

We all know that anyone can go to an instructor and ask them to take a mock test for them. Here's how are we different and how we give you value for your money: 

  • Exact exam-like environment: We will make sure that you get an exact exam like feeling during your Mock Driving Test by arranging an expert to test you and deciding which test route to take.
  • Unfamiliar car: since the car will be unfamiliar, you will see your nervous system learning to deal with slightly more uncertainty than the exam. Our research shows this will further increase your chances of passing the test.
  • Unfamiliar examiner: If you go to an instructor and ask them to test you, you have already developed familiarity with that instructor. This means even though you think you are in the test-like environment, but really you are not doing a true Mock Driving Test in a test-like environment. Even if someone you know has done it for you, they will not guide them the way we are the experts in Mock Driving Test we can. I would go to the extent of saying that instead of wasting your money on arranging a mock like this, please pay the cost and do a full test instead because that will give u a chance of passing if u do well.
  • Choose the car you want to give the exam in. Another benefit to this is that you now have two options for cars that you can use for your exam - one that you learnt in and gave a mock test in. 
  • Freedom to drive any car: The use of an unfamiliar car for the Mock Driving Test helps you get ready for being a true driver who can leap into buying a car that you want to drive instead of the one you learnt driving in. I am sure you know many people end up buying a car that they trained in because they feel safe only in that car. So our Mock Driving Test not only helps you prepare for the test but also equip you with skills that will give you the confidence to drive any car.

The benefits do not end there... completion of a practical Mock Driving Test leads to our AI engine taking charge. It accepts feedback from you and the ADI and analyses it, and tells you what you need to do to pass the test. 

It may recommend pass-assist classes, which are focused lessons, e.g. one hour of parking or one hour of emerging on the road to give you further tools to pass in your first go. 

So I am sure you have concluded by now that the value you get by going through us for a mock driving test is in experiencing a replica of a test-like environment, further option to improve in a safe environment, and the benefits provided to you by our AI engine. 

What are you waiting for? Book a Mock Driving Test now!

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