I Stopped driving long back, How do I get a license now ?

There are many cases where people took driving lessons and for some reason or other, failed to get their driving license. Maybe you stay in a congested city where driving is not required, or you got married and happily transferred the driving responsibly to your spouse. Whatever the reason is, to start driving after a break can be an unnerving task. You need a thorough preparation before getting back on wheels. It is important to feel confident when driving, and that too with the latest rules of the roads. 

Here are the following steps which can help you to learn the perfect driving skills. 

1) Refer to the car and light vehicle syllabus

2) Study the Highway Code thoroughly 

3) Start taking free mock theory test through our website

4) Apply for provisional license when you are ready. 

5) Start taking lessons with us

6) Once you feel you are ready, take the practical mock driving test with us 

In no time you will get your license. 

And what if you passed your test a while ago and stopped driving due to some reason or you simply had a break from driving. One option is to add yourself to your family member’s or friend’s existing policy if you do not own your own car and start driving. It can be a good option, but you need to pay an amendment fee for the same. Another option is to buy your own car and take our Refresher’s Course in your own car. This should help you regain the confidence back in no time.

Here some tips which can help you to regain your confidence:

1) Take Mock driving test with us which will be conducted in live-like condition and can help you in getting true assessment of your driving skills. You will get the detailed report 24 hours after the test. 

2) As per your report, you can either opt for Pass- assist Lessons or Refresher’s Course to improvise your driving skills. You will get a proper guidance from a professional driving instructor. He will be able to support you with any area of driving you may feel improvement is required. He will be able to update you with new driving rules since you last drove. 

3)Once you start feeling confident start taking drive on less busy roads 

4) Take short drives only on familiar roads to build your trust in yourself 

5)Slowly and gradually you will find yourself very comfortable in driving. 

We wish you a happy and safe driving. 

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