Is a threat to ADI’s business?

Are you a DVSA approved driving instructor? has stirred a debate among approved driving instructors. Joining our ADI network can be seen as a threat and a boon at the same time. 

Let us reveal some facts to help you determine whether it is beneficial for you to join our ADI network in the first place. 

As an approved driving instructor, you probably work tirelessly to keep your ADI business going. From getting new clients to making sure you have delivered an excellent service, you are likely to spend more time handling all the nuts and bolts of ADI business such as sales, operations, invoicing and marketing than actual training the learners. 

At; we take away the hustle from approved driving instructors. Hence, increasing your efficiency and profitability. 

1. As an approved driving instructor on, you get to choose your hours. We already have a database of learners who are looking to book a driving lesson, pass-assist lesson or mock driving test. All you have to do is take the booking at the times most convenient to you. 

2. As an approved driving instructor on our network, you do not have to spend money into marketing your service. All the marketing and promotions to get new leads is already done by us so you can simply relax and enjoy the benefits of being part of our ADI network. 

3. All our approved driving instructors get full compensation for their time and the money is paid directly to their account. This is a great source of additional income, especially for those ADIs who are not always fully booked during the week and weekend. 

4. Our ADIs get plenty of opportunity to hone their driver training skills. Now you don’t have to keep waiting for the next client as you will have a constant stream of clientele from our 

5. At, we value your knowledge and skill and constantly strive to give back to our network of approved driving instructors in the form of rewards and references. 

If you would like to earn extra income and utilise your ADI skills to generate additional income every month, join our ADI network today.

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