One Week Intensive Driving Course by Approved Driving Instructor

Looking for one-week intensive driving course? Now-a-days, a lot of test takers opt for one-week intensive driving courses before their practical driving test just to brush up their skills and to build more confidence before their actual test day.

However, one week intensive driving course is not a definite solution to passing your driving test if you have never driven before. It is true that most people do not pass their practical driving tests the first time. Comparing the data from previous years, we find that more and more test takers are failing their practical driving tests all over the UK. However, contrary to popular opinion, one-week intensive driving course may not be fit for every test taker.

Let us discuss if one-week intensive driving course are the best solution for test takers or not. If not, what are the alternatives available to you?

One Week Intensive Driving Course

Honestly speaking, if you are learning to drive for the first time, one-week intensive driving course may just not be enough to build and master your driving skills to the standard needed to pass the practical driving test. A new learner with no prior driving experience may need anything from 1 to 3 months behind the wheel before they are ready to take the practical test. One-week intensive driving courses, on the other hand, are designed to teach you all aspects of driving within a week leaving very less time to practice and build confidence in independent driving.

However, if you simply are out of practice or have already driven before outside of UK, one-week intensive driving course may just be what you want.

One Week Intensive Driving Course with Approved Driving Instructors

Our pass-assist lessons and Intensive Driving Courses are delivered by approved driving instructors who have years of experience and training on how to deliver driving lessons. Most of our approved driving instructors also take Mock Driving Tests, which may also interest you if you want to test your driving skills before your practical driving test.

Overall, our approved driving instructors recommend that every test taker should practice regularly, especially the week before their practical driving test. While one week intensive driving course may seem to be a good option in the beginning, it may not always be the right solution for you especially if you have already driven before and just need to brush up your driving skills before your UK driving test.

If you are booked to take your practical driving test soon, contact us to book your mock driving test with approved driving instructors today [Link to contact page].

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