One Week Intensive Driving Course For Learner through Pass-Assist lessons

One week Intensive Driving Course with Pass-Assist lessons

Our pass-assist lessons are specially designed to help you master your weak points so that you can pass your driving test. But before we go any further, we need to get our basics right

A lot of people have asked us this question: Can you pass your driving test in one week?

Well, you yourself could be answer answering it as 'yes' if you try one of our Pass-Assist Lessons. In these lessons, we cover specific driving skills that may be your weak points in 2 hours lessons. This is similar to one-week intensive driving crash course for learner but a bit cheaper because you get to master the things you need to focus on. In addition, all you need is practice, practice and practice.

Our pass-assist lessons are our most popular 2-hour lessons if you are looking to brush up your skills. They are most suited for people who may have driven in other countries before and are looking to drive in the UK. They are also valuable for learners who may have learned driving from friends and family and need to make sure that they have covered all the syllabus items before their test.

Over the past few years, one-week intensive driving courses for learners are becoming increasingly popular and we have seen that a lot people like to book a week off work and learn to drive in just one week. Normally when people search for “cheap intensive driving course near me”, they are looking for one-week intensive course that can help them brush up their driving skills to pass their practical driving test. We don't believe a new driver can master driving and practicing road-signs in a week. But who knows, you may become our first student to prove us wrong!!

If you think it would be better to start from the beginning, we have a wide range of driving courses suited to all types of driver’s experience and learning abilities. All of our Approved Driving Instructors that we use are DVSA registered and are aware and specifically trained to help you pass your driving test and to develop your driving skills quickly and efficiently. 

With years of experience, our DVSA Approved Driving Instructors know how to dramatically reduce the number of hours you require and reduce the time frame from many months to just one week. 

How do pass assist lessons work?

Firstly, you will need to have passed your theory test. This will enable you to be able to book your practical driving test. Remember you can only book your driving test with a valid theory test certificate. 

If you haven’t passed your theory test yet don’t worry as all of our driving courses come with loads of resources for the theory test as well. So, if you are like many of our customers and you don’t want to take driving lessons for months on end and you like the sound of taking an intensive driving course check out our prices and speak to our friendly, professional team to start the process of booking your pass-assist lessons and one-week intensive driving course today.

Looking for 'cheap intensive driving course near me'? Choose our pass-assist lessons to help you pass your driving test today. Read more at our blog 'How To Tackle Weak Points Before Your UK Driving Test through pass-assist lessons?'

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