Pass or Fail: How Approved Driving Instructor Makes A Difference?

Are you looking for an “intensive driving course near me”? These days, we find that many learners are looking to book any  intensive driving course that they can find in their area. Unfortunately, what most learners fail to understand is that you can’t crash learn driving!

Driving is a skill that can be learnt and mastered only over time and with much practice behind the wheel. Therefore, an intensive driving course near me” may not necessarily a good solution for a newbie who has never driven before. Moreover, choosing the right driving instructor can make all the difference between a pass or a fail. The fact is many driving instructors claim to know all UK driving rules, but only a few really do.

Pass or Fail: How can approved driving instructor help?

An approved driving instructor has all the certifications needed and fully understand UK drivers’ training standards. Moreover, approved driving instructors are approved to train new learners in the area. Having an approved driving instructor is particularly helpful if you don’t know UK driving rules and regulations and/or have never driven in the UK before.

All our approved driving instructors have years of experience in training people of all ages. If you book an approved driving instructor, you can rest assured that you are learning UK driving the right way, as an approved driving instructor will always highlight the right way of driving in the UK. Most of the approved driving instructors give loads of handy tips that can help in passing the practical driving test.

However, if you do not choose an approved driving instructor, you will likely put your driving test at risk. Often, people fail their exams just because they know the rule but cannot apply the skill due to poor learning methods. Failing an exam can be depressing as well as frustrating for a learner. Therefore, it is advisable to use only approved driving instructors to guide you on the right way to success.

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