Ten Top Tips for Your First Lesson

Your first driving lesson can be very scary but it’s also very exciting. It is the first step towards freedom and for a lot of people that can be very daunting, so we have put together our list of our top 10 tips for your first driving lesson

Tip 1) Read the Highway Code

You have probably already done this in preparation for your theory test but it’s always worth reading again the night before your first lesson, just to get you into the right mindset and be prepared

Tip 2) Know What a Biting Point Is

There are loads of videos on youtube explaining a biting point. This is most likely the first thing the instructor will have you do and the more prepared you are, the faster you can progress with your lesson!

Tip 3) Research Your Instructor/School If You Can

Nothing is more reassuring than reading feedback from previous students. A good driving school will have this feedback on their website and proudly display it. Google your instructor, you may even get a picture so you know who to look out for

Tip 4) Talk To Friends Who Have Recently Passed Their Test About Their Experience

Chatting with friends is always a reassuring experience, especially if they have already been in your shoes. Chances are they would have been worried about similar things and can tell you how they overcame them. If you don’t have any friends who have taken lessons, try forums such as The Student Room or Facebook groups, who have dedicated forums on this topic

Tip 5) Get Plenty Of Sleep The Night Before

The same as with any test or experience, this is easier said than done, however there are so many tools at your disposal for calming yourself down enough to get that 8 hours. Chamomile tea is a personal favourite, coupled with meditation using the Calm app. Maybe going for a run is your thing, or taking a long bath. Whatever it is that calms you down, ensure you do that the night before to give you the best chance at a restful night.

Tip 6) Have A Good Breakfast

In all of the excitement of getting ready, it is easy to forget the most important meal of the day. Forgetting to eat can make you feel worse, dizzy or weak. Make sure you have a decent breakfast, even just a cereal bar and some fruit or a smoothie will make sure your body is just as prepared as your mind

Tip 7) Make Sure You Have Glasses/Contact Lenses

Another easy one to forget, especially if you don’t wear them all of the time, but make sure if you need glasses or contact lenses that you have them with you. You will need to be able to read road signs and number plates, so clear vision is a must. If it’s a sunny day, sunglasses will also help a lot

Tip 8) Wear Sensible Clothes

Make sure you have on flat shoes and comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident. Jeans, trainers and your favourite top perhaps. Dress for the weather outside, you don’t want to be sweating in a jumper if its 23 degrees or freezing in a tank top mid-february. Check your weather app or ask Alexa if you should bring a jacket

Tip 9) Listen To Your Instructor

No instructor is going to expect you to know how to drive right away, and they are the experts. So just listen to what they have to say. Ask them to repeat or rephrase something if you don’t get it the first time round. Your instructor has probably dealt with hundreds of students in the exact same position as you, so it’s almost guaranteed you won’t be the first person to ask a certain question. Just listen and trust them

Tip 10) Stay Calm

I know this is easier said than done but it’s important to stay calm, millions of people around the world drive every day, they all went through the exact same process that you are going through. Try to focus on how exciting this is, and the freedom you will have once you have passed your test. Our company vision is to increase the pass rate of the UK, and that includes you! So if you need any support, please get in touch with us, we want to help and support you and have designed our entire business around that

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