The Hardest & Easiest Places To Pass UK Driving Test

The Hardest & Easiest Places To Pass UK Driving Test

Did you know? According to recent statistics published by DVSA, only 45% of drivers pass the first time, while others need more than 20 attempts. But does it matter where in Britain you take your test?

There's a lot of advice given to learners on preparing for your driving test properly, but one thing that's often overlooked is where you're actually taking your test. Passing is difficult at the best of times, but there are some parts of the UK where it’s especially tricky to pass your test. 

Driving routes can be challenging and unfamiliar for those who have not practised on the UK driving routes. For example, at one test centre, just 28 per cent of those who took their practical test there passed - a daunting statistic for anyone who has their driving examination booked at the East London centre.

That's according to a new heatmap of practical test pass and failure rates, based on data provided by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. According to the figures, just 48 per cent of the 1.3 million tests taken by learners last year ended up with the driver passing their test. At £62 a go, that means failed attempts cost Britons a whopping £42 million.

Bedfordshire as a whole had a meagre pass percentage of 41 per cent, while Manchester-based centres also stood out as being difficult locations to pass. Centres in Cheetham Hill, Salford, Rochdale and the appropriately-named Failsworth scored an average pass rate of 36 per cent in 2,000 tests.

So, if you want to improve your chances to pass your UK driving test, our Approved Driving Instructors can help you with Pass Assist Lessons or a one-week intensive course in your area.  Before being allowed on the road in the UK, it is suggested that you take a one-week intensive driving course, and that will help you pass the UK driving test. One-week intensive driving courses are perfect for tackling any weak points and understanding the progress you need to make to avoid failure. However, for most people, training is not the hard part; for most people, it's the anxiety when it’s time to take the test.

A map of the hardest and easiest places to pass was created using the figures by Moneybarn.

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