Top 10 Practical Driving Test Tips's Top 10 Tips for passing practical UK driving test

We are sure you have googled 'top tips for practical driving test' or 'practical driving lessons near me that can help me pass test fast' to death and are overwhelmed with the information you have found so far. We can bet that like many learner drivers, you are nervous and want to keep googling so that you don't miss out on any key tips on what to do on the day of the test to be successful. We'd say, in addition to what you have found so far, keep in mind our top 10 practical driving test tips to help you pass driving test the first time:

  1. Stop googling and start relaxing: Nerves are normal, but the best way to calm them on the day of your driving test is to be as prepared as possible. 
  2. Make sure you arrive on time
  3. Fit in a lesson before the test to help you get comfortable with the car prior to test
  4. Remember to carry your provisional license and anything else you need
  5. Remember that you can ask your examiner to repeat if you are not sure of what they have asked
  6. When you get into the test, ASSUME YOU WILL PASS. A positive attitude will not only get you comfortable but also help you remain calm during the test
  7. You can request your instructor to go along with you for reassurance
  8. Make sure you have practised on all the test routes associated with the test centre where you will be taking the test 
  9. Remember Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre and do it before every manoeuvre during the test. 
  10. Read Highway code a night before the test to ensure that have a full understanding of the theory of driving and all the rules of teh land

Our Approved Driving Instructors strongly recommend fitting in a driving lesson on the day of your test if possible – that way you can go over any manoeuvres or ask for clarification on last-minute questions you may have. A lesson beforehand will also help calm your nerves and put you in the right frame of mind for driving, especially if you have been receiving pass-assist lessons during the weeks building up to your test. Moreover, do consider requesting your instructor to join you during the test. Remember that they will not be able to help you but their presence may reassure you. Moreover, god forbid, if you do not pass this test, they will know first hand which skills need brushing up to help you pass your test next time.

We suggest that instead of searching further for 'practical driving lessons near me' or further 'tips for driving test', contact us and speak to our team to help you get over your nerves. We would also like it very much if you choose us to ease those driving test nerves with our expert Approved Driving Instructors and get pass-assist lessons to help you pass the first time.

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