UPLOAD license during registration? WHY?

Upload license during registration? WHY?

We at Mock DrivingTest.Com are not only responsible for training learners how to drive a car, but we are also responsible for ensuring the high standards of driving and behaviour of our new drivers. Our ADI network is also expected to demonstrate an excellent level of instruction ability, professional approach, road safety, and positive attitude so that you as learners should feel that you are in safe hands. 

Our ADIs should have the ability to provide professional training to people from diverse backgrounds. They have complete knowledge of the theory as well as a practical test.

When we onboard our ADIs, we check that the DVSA licenses them to provide driving instructions. We have agreed this process with the DVSA to ensure that the ADI can give instructions and has undergone a criminal record check to give us, and you, peace of mind. As agreed with the DVSA,  we display details of the ADIs on our web site only after our team personally checks each ADI license's validity through our DVSA verification process. 

This has therefore given us confidence that we have the best and most reliable ADI network with us. 

Moreover, when we onboard learner drivers, we ask them to submit their provisional license during registration. This helps ensure that we onboard only those students who are serious about getting a full driving license.

We also ensure that 24 hours before a lesson, we share details of ADI with the learner and vice-versa. Additionally, we also arrange introductory phone calls, which help both parties get comfortable with each other before the lessons begin. This helps us get confident that both the ADI and the student will be safe and secure during the time they spend together in the car.

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