What is a mock driving test and why should you opt for it?

An upcoming driving test can be daunting. But passing a UK driving test can be a moment of sheer glory. But, how can you make certain that it happens?

Easy! You take a mock driving test.

Oh, but what is a mock driving test?

As the name suggests, it is “mock”, so it is far from reality.

At MockDrivingTest.com, we have skilled DVSA Approved driving instructors who, instead of telling you how your original driving test shall go, will choose to show you how the UK practical driving test shall unfold.

This way, you will feel more prepared and know what to expect on the day of the test. The jitters before your DVSA driving test will surely disappear if you take a mock driving test as it will feel like somewhat of an extensive revision before the final examination.

Your instructor may not be the driving examiner, but they will still be able to give you a thorough rundown of how the test will proceed and what will happen at each stage.

Yes, they are qualified enough to do so, and yes, they will be able to guide you at every step of the way.

This may be a mock driving test, but you’re driving instructor will even have a feedback sheet of some kind so that they can evaluate areas in which you excel and areas in which you could use some more practice.

When the mock test has finished, they will also deliver the final verdict to you: would you have failed or passed the actual DVSA driving test or not?

It doesn’t matter whether you pass or not. While we appreciate everyone who passes their mock driving test with flying colours, we would also like to remind our readers that a UK mock driving test is conducted so that one can completely familiarize themselves with the structure of the UK practical driving test and not feel flabbergasted or anxious on the final day.

This mock driving test will also last for 40 minutes, as all the official UK driving tests do. It will also include all 5 parts of the actual UK driving test.

However, If your instructor sees that you are up for a challenge, they can always extend the time of the mock driving test and try to refine your driving abilities.

Okay, what are the benefits of taking a mock driving test?

Plenty but they are enough to count on your fingers.

  • The first benefit of sitting through the mock UK driving test is that you will know the exact format of the official driving test. That way, the mystery behind the infamous UK driving tests will vanish, and you’ll stop feeling nervous.
  • The second benefit is that you will know what's going to happen on the day of the DVSA driving test. So, when the driving examiner conducts your eyesight test, and your own eyes won’t bulge out in surprise!
  • And, the most important benefit of undergoing a mock driving test is that your driving the instructor will be able to highlight your weakness and strengths so that you can work on the former and be proud of the latter.
  • It is considered ideal for conducting a mock DVSA driving test weeks before the official driving test as this will give you enough time to polish your driving skills.

Now that you know precisely what mock driving tests are, we hope that you will consider taking one so that you can pass your UK driving test without breaking into a sweat! 

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