What is an Intensive driving course?

How do intensive driving courses work?

In an intensive driving course, you will be guided by Mockdrivingtest.com will help you to learn safe driving and be able to pass your driving test. If you want to purchase a mobile, go to a job, or go on vacation with family, driving needs everywhere is a useful life skill to find out. And one in all, the best ways to induce behind the wheel quickly is to require an intensive driving course.

If you need to pass for the written theory exam or practical driving test ASAP, a set of intensive driving lessons will help you to pass your test in just 15 hours.

Let us tell you what’s included?

The first step towards passing your driving test is the theory test, in which you have to sit in front of a computer to take the test. It takes less than an hour. Think if you already have a guide who helps you to get through it by providing tips and tricks, then it will be pretty easy to pass.

What are intensive driving courses?

An intensive driving course fulfils all your skills to pass your test and drive safely into a short period of time with one-to-one lessons. The content of the course will be the same as a series of driving lessons, but it mainly focuses on areas that the learner isn’t satisfied with or misses the knowledge.

How long does an intensive driving course take?

Time taken for the intensive driving course depends on the individual how fast he/she learns. It is structured so that the learners feel confident behind the wheel and take full control of the vehicle.

What makes us different from other Intensive driving course providers?

When you search on Google Intensive driving lessons, you will see a lot of results where agents advertising the Intensive driving courses, but do you know that they don’t have their own team of driving instructors they outsource your Intensive driving course to random driving instructors which they find local to you, this means you may get a best or worst driving instructor to complete the intensive course. Also, an agent will charge a higher payment to you some time up to £500.

Here at Mockdrivingtest.com, we have our own team of DVSA Approved driving instructors. Your Intensive driving course is not outsourced to any random Instructors. Our Instructors are well experienced, and they trained you for the best. Apart from this, you could also save up to £500 if you did our Intensive driving course. Please save your money with time and start learning from the best instructors for better results with us.

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