What You Need To Know To Pass Your Mock Driving Test

Passing your mock driving test might not be as important as passing the actual test, but it can be an initial step towards passing your primary test. You should, therefore, input as much effort as possible. To pass this test, you should be privy to the following:

1.      Eyesight Check

The eye check is a defining test to pass that mock test. The test entails reading a number plate from about 20 metres for new vehicles with new plates and 20.5 metres for older cars with older plates. Failure to read leads to an automatic fail.

2.      Vehicle Safety Questions

Be privy to the lots of "tell me" and "show me" safety questions. The test will demand answers on what you should do and what you should not be regarding your safety and other road users' safety. Have answers to as many safety questions as possible.

3.      Driving Ability

You should be aware that the mock test will seek to expose your driving abilities. You will be prompted to drive in diverse driving environments so that the examiner can establish your expertise. How well can you drive in busy motorways or rough terrains?

4.      Reverse Parking Skills

Before sitting for your mock test, ensure you are well-versed with reverse parking. This skill is among the most complicated of all driving tests, and if you cannot execute it flawlessly, you are bound to fail. It is a test of accuracy, control, and good judgment.

5.      The Highway Code

The Highway Code is another crucial part of your journey to passing your driving test. Your examiner may seek to know whether you are well-versed with the legal requirements on the road. These are Must's and Must Not's that come in handy to help you avoid faults and make the right decisions on the highway.

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