Why should an ADI refer students to book with MockDrivingTest.com?

As a DVSA approved driving instructor, you probably have your own business or work with someone as an employee within their company. 

MockDrivingTest.com is a kind DVSA approved driving instructors’ network where ADIs enjoy a range of benefits and additional income alongside their existing commitments. 

The best of being part of our ADI network is – we do it all for you, so you don’t have to. 

Truth be told. Running your own ADI business is not easy. It involves a great deal of investment into a host of activities such as sales, operations, marketing and training. The good thing is – now you don’t have to invest your money into any of these activities because MockDrivingTest.com does that for you. 

At MockDrivingTest.com, we invest in marketing to build a huge database of local test-takers in regions all over the UK. We have a team of professionals who take care of sales, operations and other aspects of running the ADI business, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can enjoy delivering lessons to the learners in your area. Better still, you can choose flexible hours and choose to deliver lessons in the areas of your choice. 

So why should you refer students to book with MockDrivingTest.com? 

1. When you refer to students to book with MockDrivingTest.com, you automatically benefit from the cost of the booking as a direct referral. 

2. When a student books with us, we ensure that the booking goes to you, so continue to build your profile with the student, but you would normally do without the hassle of all the paperwork and operations. 

3. For every student that books with us, you also enjoy additional incentives and rewards whilst significantly reducing your ADI business operational costs. 

4. When you refer a student to us, we ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of our ADI network and build your profile without having to make any investment. 

5. By referring students to us, you take away the taxing part of your job routine and add the fun bit that is training learners behind the wheel. 

If you would like to earn extra income and utilize your ADI skills to generate additional income every month, join our ADI network today.

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