Why should I register with mockdrivingtest.com as an ADI?

Thousands of people are looking for one-week intensive driving course every day. At MockDrivingTest.com, we have a huge database of test takers who are looking to learn and perfect their driving skills with pass-assist lessons and mock driving tests. 

As an approved driving instructor on our network, you have a chance to make your career very fulfilling and rewarding. After all, you are helping people learn one of the most important skills in life: Driving. 

At MockDrivingTest.com, we value our network of approved driving instructors who are constantly working to benefit the test takers all over UK. Whether you are newly qualified ADI or an experienced one with years of experience as an approved driving instructor in UK, we value your knowledge and skills in UK driving just as much as our learners do. 

Therefore, we not only compensate all our approved driving instructors really well but also give them plenty of opportunities to build local presence or in their area of choice via our MockDrivingTest.com platform. In fact, all our services are designed keeping the benefits for approved driving instructors in mind. 

Approved Driving Instructor: Benefits of registering with MockDrivingTest.com 

Firstly, as an ADI on our network, you will have constant flow of learners which is an added revenue stream to your normal working hours at your current job. This is particularly attractive for those who would like to maximise from their hours during the week and weekend. 

As an ADI registered with MockDrivingTest.com, you will have the opportunity to build a portfolio of local clients or in the area you would like to increase your visibility and reach. In addition, you will also receive the publicity for every successful candidate in our database. 

Moreover, you will be able to choose your work hours with us and take up additional jobs to utilise your off-peak hours. More importantly, you will naturally become a part of our ADI network of experienced and skilled ADIs supporting each other. 

If you are looking for additional opportunities in driving and want to increase your income, you can join our approved driving instructors’ network. Contact us to join today.

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