We are a team of IT professionals and ADIs committed to providing opportunities for:

  • Learner Drivers to pass their driving test the first time; and,
  • ADIs by providing new sales channels.

Our team has varied experience while delivering projects for many Fortune 100 companies and launching FinTech projects.

Our Story

The idea for this web site came about when our founder saw quite a few friends getting really nervous before the driving test and failing multiple times. She advised them to take focussed lessons to cover areas where they struggled which later became Pass-assist lessons. She also helped conduct mock driving tests for them which proved pivotal in people passing the driving tests.

Our Team

Mamta Mathur


Mamta comes from a consulting background and has worked for numerous FTSE 100 companies like IBM, Visa and EY. She is a driven leader who brings a wealth of experience in setting up high-performance teams and delivering large-scale projects. She enjoys finding simple solutions for complex problems. She has a keen interest in Software and System Security for which she holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford, sponsored by GCHQ. She was recently recognised by Innovate Finance as a Rising Star in the Fintech world.  

Ritu Bhardwaj


Ritu is experienced in sales, marketing and business development. She has worked in scaling up many multinational companies and delivering results.

Neha Gupta


Neha is an award-winning Entrepreneur, SEO Strategist, Author, Speaker and Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. A qualified engineer with a Masters degree from one of the Ivy League universities in the United States, Neha has previously worked with some leading tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Cisco Systems and now runs her own digital marketing agency, MakeYouClick.com

Yamin Bendriss


Yamin is from North London and has spent the last 4 years training drivers and helping them pass driving tests.

Darren Sammut


Darren is from Basingstoke and has been an ADI for twelve years. He is a Subject Matter Expert on training drivers in minimum possible time.

Umer Hassan

Technical Team Lead

Umer is solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player. Focused on creating collaborative efforts between support and engineering teams to implement system or product level changes to benefit end users.

Mani Khan


I have been a Driving Instructor for last 5 years. I bring forward over 20 years of professional driving experience which gives me a heightened insight into teaching people to drive. This is highlighted in my high pass success rate.