Did you know MockDrivingTest are the trailblazers in using Artificial Intelligence to help students learn how to drive? We are the only company in the world to have challenged the status quo in the traditional methods of teaching students to drive. As one of our core values, we are very serious about innovation, and using technology to help students learn faster - with some students taking up-to 15% less time than the government recommended hours!

We have developed a unique - first of its kind - algorithm that analyses your performance in the lessons and Mock Tests to provide you with a tailored report detailing the exact areas that require focus. This means our instructors can focus on those areas and not waste time re-teaching things you already know. This will increase your chances of passing the driving test first time!

This is all done in partnership with our specialised Government Approved Driving Instructors so that everyone in the industry benefits from this innovation. 

By signing up with MockDrivingTest, you are guaranteeing a learning experience like no other, we don't make you take extra lessons just to pocket a few extra pounds, our satisfaction comes from you passing your test as quickly as possible and joining the masses on the roads.

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