This course will introduce you to driving and give you a feel of how we can help you not only learn to drive faster but also help you to become a safe driver. We encourage you to book this course if you do not feel confident in committing to the full course yet.

What happens during the course?

During this course, you will be using our full app that will give you access to resources like Highway Code and Theory Test Preparation. Not only this, the app will show you a calendar that will help you remain in full control of time management around lessons. The app will also help you see detailed feedback after every lesson and will show you AI recommendations based upon your performance in the lesson. And the benefits do not end just there! Through our app, you will also be able to perform live lesson route tracking  so you can later practice independently on that route if you like. You can also designate one person to be able to access your route as you take the lesson. This is something that we find most beneficial for parents of young adults who remain nervous while their teenager is behind the steering wheel.

All through the course, our experienced instructor will come to pick you up from the post code you provided during booking.  

Every lesson will consist of practical driving instruction for 55 minutes and the last 5 minutes will be used for verbal feedback and recording the feedback of the session in our platform. The detailed feedback as well as AI recommendations will be visible in the  platform within 24 hours of the lesson

We recommend that you review the recommendations well before your next lesson to get the most value out of your lessons. You will also be approached by our customer services team to ensure that you are comfortable with the instructor as well as learning speed. 

After your 4th lesson, you will be approached by our team to check if you would like to book further lessons. We recommend taking the decision about further lessons in the initial stages of this course to ensure we can book you in the diaries of our busy instructors well in time and we can  offer you continuity with the same instructor who provided you this course.  

What happens after I have completed the course?

As you would have now completed this key milestone course, we are sure you would now want to use us for your remaining journey for passing your driving test first time. So we advise you to approach us and book one of our longer courses. Or even better, use our app to book any of the longer courses yourself.

Happy Learning!

If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to call us now!

£ 299

The perfect start for a new driver
6 hours of driving lessons
Free full use of our app
Free Calender Management
Email notification 24 hours prior to the lessons
Free detailed feedback after every lesson
Free Recommendations generated by our proprietory AI algorithm to help shorten learning time