How much are driving lessons?

The cost of lessons varies between areas and instructors. Our instructors set their own prices, and these can range from £27-£50 per hour.

How many driving lessons do I need to take?

The DVSA advise it takes roughly 40 hours of lessons and 25 hours of practice driving in order to pass a UK driving test. Some students take more and some students take less. It really depends on how quickly you pick up the skills. Our instructors will assess you regularly and never give you more lessons than you need.

How are your driving lessons different from others?

We are the only company in the  world that has utilised powerful technologies like Artificial Intelligence to help you to learn to drive faster and increase your chances to pass your driving test the first time. We have developed tools like AI recommendations, Calendar Management, Lesson Route Tracking, Detailed Lesson Feedback, SMS notifications and a mobile app that can help you learn to drive faster.

As well as driving instruction, our lessons cover how to best utilise our tools to remain in full control of your learning.  We proviide a home pick up service by instructors who live within a 3-4 mile radius of your home. This makes it cost effective & sustainable for them and greener for our planet. Not just this - we also assign a coach to every student to help steer through the journey of learning to drive.

What is the structure of your lessons?

During the lesson, the instructor will provide practical driving instruction for 55 minutes and use the last 5 minutes for providing verbal feedback and recording of the session into our platform.  At the end of the lesson or test, you will sit with the instructor and fill out the lesson report together.  This report will identify whether you passed or failed your mock test, and be fed into the AI recommendations for any future lessons. It is crucial that it is completed by both yourself and the instructor. The detailed report as well as AI recommendations are made available in the  platform within 24 hours of the lesson. 

How do AI recommendations help me to learn faster?

AI recommendations are generated within 24 hours of each lesson and are based upon the feedback submitted at the end of each lesson. These recommendations tend to focus on the areas where the student could benefit by learning more about the topic. We recommend that the student reviews the AI recommendations before their following lesson to get the most value out of the follow-on lessons.

What do AI recommendations consist of?

AI recommendations are learning aids like videos, documents, quizzes etc that can help reinforce learning and concepts associated with a specific topic covered by the DVSA's driving curriculum. 

You are a very new company and even though I need to do a full course, I don't feel comfortable in booking a full course with you.

Even though you may not be aware of us, our parent company has been in business since 2013. was established in early 2018 and has since delivered its services to many happy customers. A quick look at our social media pages may help you get confident about us. Having said that, we do understand your dilemma so we would encourage you to try us out through our Introduction to Driving Course which will help you get a first hand experience of learning with us and see for yourself how we support our students in acquiring the skill of driving.

What is the duration of a lesson?

A typical driving lesson is an hour long. However, in high traffic cities, instructors advise that it's preferable to book two consecutive lessons (also called 2-hour lessons) so that the student gets sufficient time behind the wheel. Every lesson includes 55 minutes of practical instruction and 5 minutes of debriefing in which the instructor completes a detailed feedback about the session. In a 2-hour lesson, the feedback time can be 5-10 minutes. 

What if I do not get along with the instructor? 

Getting on with your instructor is one of the most important parts of learning to drive. If you do not get along with the instructor, we will discuss this with you and the instructor and we can assign you a different instructor if need be. 

How does lesson route tracking work?

At the start of the lesson, our system starts tracking your learning route and it stops tracking at the end of the lesson. You get access to the lesson route after completion of the lesson. 

Does lesson route tracking mean anyone can see where I am at any time?

The lesson route is made accessible to you and one more designated person e.g. parents of young adults.  

I am learning driving from a family member (or a friend). How will a mock test help me?

A practical mock test is absolutely essential for you if you are taught by your family members or friends as they may not have full exposure to the latest DVSA curriculum. A mock-test conducted on the same pattern as the DVSA test will help you not only assess your skills but also identify the gaps and arrange focused and cheap driving lessons

Why should I take a Mock Driving Test?

When you take your driving test, you'd like to make sure that you’re 100% ready. A Mock Practical Driving test is a great way to test this out as it allows you and your instructor to identify any areas of your driving that need improvement before taking the DVSA practical driving test.

My driving instructor takes mock-tests. Do I still need a mock practical test arranged by you?

Under the current curriculum, the ADIs do take mock-tests, but invariably many students who pass their ADI's mock-test do not pass the practical test the first time. This is because of their familiarity with the ADIs which can impact the results. A mock-test with an unknown ADI will provide a true assessment of skills acquired during sessions held with your driving instructor.

How can you help me if I have failed my driving test in the past?

We can help you by creating a bespoke lesson structure that will increase chances of passing the driving test in your next attempt. This can include a Mock Driving Test, a driving refresher course and focused driving lessons.

What is the refund policy if I don’t take the test/lessons?

You need to inform us  48 hours in advance if you want to cancel the test with a valid reason in order to qualify for a refund, any sooner than this and we will not be able to provide a refund.

What if I am late for my test/lesson?

If you are more than 20 mins late, the test/lesson will be cancelled without any refund.

What happens after completing the Mock driving test?

After completing the mock driving test, the driving test examiner will prepare a detailed report and upload it on the MockDrivingTest.Com website. This report will be made available to you within 24 hours of completing the test.

What is a pass-assist lesson?

After your practical mock driving test, if the examiner finds that you are weak in a particular area, they may advise you to take pass-assist lessons. These lessons provide targeted learning for a specific skill for an hour. For example, if the test unveils that you need to improve at parking, you will be eligible to book x number of hours focused on parking.

What is the typical structure of a Mock driving test?

The typical driving test structure of a mock driving test is available here.

If I fail a Mock Driving Test, can I still take my driving test?

If you fail a Mock Driving Test, you can still take your driving test. However, if you fail a mock test it’s an indication that you need more hours of lessons before your practical test. In that case, we will recommend you to postpone your test date so that you can get more time to prepare for the test.

When should I take the mock driving test?

We recommend you to take the mock driving test at least four weeks before your DVSA final driving test so that if you find areas for improvement, you will get enough time to improve at them.

How many times can I take the mock driving test?

You can take the test as many times as you want as it will boost your confidence and enhance your skills.

How to avoid silly mistakes during a driving test?

Pressure or nerves can cause learners to make silly mistakes which could result in them failing a mock test. That’s why we recommend taking the mock driving test at least 4 weeks before the final driving test. It is much better to fail a mock test and improve than to fail the real thing!

When should I take a mock test?

Whenever you feel you are ready for the final test.


When you have taken around 25 hours of driving instructions.