Package cost: £320

Package duration: 10 hours

This package includes:

  • 1-hour assessment lesson
  • 4 hours of driving lessons with an experienced and Approved Driving Instructor
  • 2 Practical Mock Driving Test
  • 3 Pass-assist lessons

One Week Driving Crash Course in London

It is the best intensive driving course in London. We say so because it is ideal for those who need to brush up their driving school’s syllabus but are already at the test standard.

Or, if you or someone you know has failed their driving test, this driving course would definitely suit you or them. 

The most important facet of this driving crash course in London is that the instructor will spend more time explaining each topic practically other than theoretically. This shall happen because when you are driving, you will not implement what you learned from what someone taught you from a textbook. You will drive ten times smoother when you know the ins and outs of driving because they were brilliantly explained and exhibited to you by your chosen ADI. 

Crash Course Driving Lessons Only in 10 Hours

This is one of our best driving crash courses which include 2 mock driving tests that will help you to be much more confident for final test. 

This driving crash course will be followed by 3 pass assist lessons which will help the learner (you, probably) to get value for money and derive the most necessary information that comes in handy when driving in real life or endeavoring to pass your practical driving test. understands that ambitious learners such as you would like to learn how to drive flawlessly in very little time. However, we’d like to burst that bubble by saying that something such as “one-week driving course guaranteed pass” does not exist.

The guarantee of passing comes only with a well-thought-out product and not with hurried learning!

It takes two to make a team. Therefore, if you would like to receive the guarantee to pass in that one week in which our highly-skilled driving instructors teach you the driving crash course in London, you will have to give it your best shot. Hard work gives better results!

While we at cannot give a one-week driving course that will DEFINITELY help you pass your driving test, we can surely provide you with the best driving experience.

We say this because ours is one of the best driving courses in London. We teach you driving in a manner you will never ever forget.

Despite this statement, if you feel that this course does not suit you or your current requirements, we have more courses that you can take a look at.

Our one-week driving course includes:

  • Hill Starts
  • T Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Moving away
  • Emergency stop
  • Crossroads
  • Reverse around the corner
  • overtaking

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