What is Mock Driving Test?

Mock Driving Test

It is what it says on the tin – a Mock Practical Driving Test is mock and conducted in a live-like environment to enable you to pass driving test first time.

However, it was created so that the drivers could get a taste of what the actual driving test would be like.

On the day of the DVSA driving test, it is extremely easy to become confused, blank or nervous. That is when a mock driving test in the UK can prove to be remarkably helpful. Your lessons from the mock driving test can be fully utilized then.

As a UK mock practical driving test is conducted in a live environment, it will encourage and hopefully, enable you to pass the original UK driving test the first time you attempt it.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter whether you take lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or a family member because either way, a Mock Practical Driving Test is an essential stage to help you reach the destination of a DVSA driving test that you can pass on the very first try.

Why should you Book A Practical Mock Driving Test in London?

Learners tend to get severely stressed when appearing for their DVSA driving test and DVLA driving test. So, to help them avoid nervousness and evade anxiety, MockDrivingTest.com brings forth the mock UK practical driving test by experienced ADIs who supply you with instant reports that highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are feeling helplessly afraid of failing your UK practical driving test, book a driving test with one of our ADIs to increase the chance of passing the final test.

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How Mock Practical Driving Test can help me?

  • It can help you feel more in control during your final practical driving test.
  • It can help you manage and regulate test-related anxiety.
  • Remember that it is natural to feel scared before your final driving test. But feeling like this can lead to making more mistakes in the exam.

    To rectify this problem, all you have to do is take a practical driving test in the UK before taking a final driving test.

    This activity will give you the chance to get over your nerves and measure how ready you are for the DVSA driving test.

    So, wait for nothing and book a practical driving test today with MDT.


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    Our research shows that taking a practical mock driving test with an unfamiliar examiner can increase the chance of passing the final driving test by 70%.

    It has also been claimed by many that booking and going through with a mock practical driving test has benefited them in the long run. As stated before, this refreshes the memory of drivers that are not beginners but have lost touch with driving due to various reasons or teaches the beginners how to control their fright during their official UK practical driving test.

    • Get a true assessment of your driving skills

    Under the current curriculum, the ADIs take mock-tests but many students who pass these mock-tests do not pass the UK practical driving test first time. This is because they get comfortable around their ADIs.

    However, a UK practical driving test with an unfamiliar ADI will provide the truest assessment of the skills acquired in comparison to the sessions with a familiar ADI.

    • Identify skill-gaps and book focused lessons

    We offer you the best intensive driving course in London that will be focused only on the skills that require polishing, thus increasing your chances of passing the final test in the first attempt.

    Is it A Highway Code Mock Test?

    Yes, you can call it a Highway Code mock test as well because you will also be taken on the highway for mock test where ADI will test your skill of highway codes. If you nervous about the Highway Code then this are the Highway Code mock test you’d be looking for. Book a mock driving test UK today.

    Mock Driving Test UK


    Can I Book a Mock Driving Test near me?

    Yes, absolutely. You can book a mock practical driving test nearby your location or in your post code. We have ADIs in almost post codes of London and always try to appoint an ADI nearby your address to save some to you. So book a mock test today to become confident before your DVSA driving test.

    Mock Practical Driving test

    When should I Book A Mock Driving Test?

    • If you have recently moved to the UK but used to drive in your country and wish to apply for a UK driving license.
    • If due to any reason you have lost touch with the fundamentals of driving and don’t have the confidence to drive on a highway/round-about or cannot reverse around the corner.

    In this case, your instructor will observe how you cope with such tricky situations.

    What is stopping you from booking a practical driving test with us? There are no cons, only pros when you book the driving test!

    You can Book a mock driving test by clicking here.