Package Cost: £70

Package Duration: 2 Hours

This Package Includes:

  • 1-Hour Assessment Lesson
  • 1-Hour Skill Polishing

Post Lockdown Driving Package - How to be back on wheels

Hello Learners, hope you are doing fine. If you have already learnt driving and you are waiting for your test date due to lockdown, you might feel that you are forgetting the tips and tricks taught by your instructor. Naturally, you will not want to spend a huge amount of money to take driving lessons all over again. You only need a quick brush-up and an assessment to know how much ready you are for your test. We have a post lockdown 2 hours course for you which will help you to gain back your confidence.

We receive so many queries everyday who like to join a crash course driving test with guaranteed pass and our answer to them is always “No, there is no such thing”. If anyone claims that they give guarantee to pass then you seriously need to go through their terms & conditions.

There is no ADI who can give you crash course of driving test with guaranteed pass for the first time but we have DVSA Approved Driving Instructors across the London who try their best for you to pass in first attempt.

If you don’t pass in first time, then you don’t need to worry DVSA allow another test only after 10 working days. Most people get passed in first attempt but if you don't pass in 1st attempt then don't be embarrassed to try again. We are here to help you in pass your test.

This Course will include a 1-hour assessment lesson. Post assessment the instructor will give you 1 hour of practical driving lessons where he will teach you in detail on your areas of improvement.

This package is also good for those who have recently cleared there driving test and could not practice enough due to lockdown.

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