provides end to end support and mentoring to learner drivers to pass their test.  We offer monthly payment plans on all of our courses over £500, making it easier and more affordable than ever to learn to drive with us! To set up a payment plan, simply book the course you want, select ‘pay later’ and then give us a call. it’s as easy as that!

Please provide the following data to find a course in your local area

Course* Duration **Rates From Existing Driving Experience
Practical Mock Driving Test 1 hour £50 Ready for Driving Test

Driving Lesson
(pay as you go)
1 hour £25*** Price may vary depending on location none
Theory test tuition - remote

2 hours£50 none
Theory test tuition - face to face

2 hours£100 none
Motorway Driving 3 hours £110 Passed Driving Test

Refresher Driving Course
3 hours £110 Ready for Driving Test

International License Conversion
3 hours £120 Valid non-UK  license

Pass Plus course 5 hours £180 Passed Driving Test

Intermediate 10 10 hours £320 20 to 25 hours

Intermediate 15 15 hours £480 15 to 20 hours

Starter 25 25 hours £790 10 to 15 hours

Starter 30 30 hours £950 5 to 10 hours

Starter 35 35 hours £1,105 2 to 3 hours

Starter 40 40 hours £1,255 none

Fresher to Driving  - End To End

45 hours£1,635 none
Driving Test Car Hire

3 hours£200 test ready
Practice Theory Test Self-paced Free none

Fast Track Course 35 hours

* = The learner driver is responsible for obtaining a provisional license before attending these lessons.

** = Additional charges may apply for night driving and weekend lessons

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