Package duration: 3 hours

refresher driving lessons near me

This package includes:

  1. 1-hour assessment lesson.
  2. 2 hours of focused driving lessons.

What is a refresher driving course?

The driving refresher course is particularly useful for those who know how to drive but have not driven for a while or feel nervous to do so.

Our aim was to design a driving course specifically for nervous drivers and the elderly to refresh their skills after some of our advisors suggested that this could help them to get rid of their hesitation or nervousness.

Are these refresher driving lessons for the elderly?

Yes, these refresher driving lessons are for everyone, with the elderly in mind, as well as anyone who may be nervous to drive for any reason. We have experienced ADIs across the UK, ready to give driving lessons to everyone who seeks them.

What will be included in this course?

This refresher course will include a 1 hour assessment lesson to review your existing driving skills, followed by 2 hours of driving lessons which will focus on brushing up on the problem areas identified to to get you back behind the wheel with confidence.


If you would like more information about this course, we encourage you to speak to us now and we may even be able to surprise you with a special offer!