Package cost: £950
Package duration: 30 hours

This package includes:

  • 1-hour assessment lesson
  • 26 hours of driving lessons with an experienced and Approved Driving Instructor
  • 2 Practical Mock Driving Tests
  • 1 Pass-Assist Lessons

If you are a complete beginner or had some driving experience before but feel very nervous while driving, this course is perfect for you. The instructor will cover all the topics that needs for you to pass the test. Your progress will be monitored and recorded by the instructor.

The biggest advantage of this course is you will get a chance of taking two practical Mock Driving tests with an unfamiliar examiner around your selected test centre area to give you the taste of real exam, so when you will actually take your test you will feel that you have already done it and you will be able to ease would drive perfectly. 

First mock test will be after 25 hours of instruction and your instructor will give you further lessons according to your report. 

After the mock test, your instructor will give you 1-hour Pass-assist lesson, which will help you to focus on specific skills where improvement is required on 30th hour of learning, your instructor will give you one more Pass-assist lesson to make you double sure that you are ready and trained in every topic.

Second mock test will be conducted during the 29th lesson where you will be fully ready to give your DVSA practical test.

This course is meant to be adaptable; your instructor can spend more time on the topics where more practise is required.

This course includes

  • Dual Carriageways
  • How/when should overtake
  • Emergency stop and use of mirrors
  • Pedestrian crossing and use of signals
  • Difficult crossroads
  • Difficult turns
  • Difficult T junctions
  • Dealing with hazard situations
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • Hill Start
  • Driving on highways (if needed)

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