The test will be conducted in an environment that mimics the practical driving test. Here's how to book a mock driving test.

Step 01

Make a test booking via (choose a date, time and test location convenient to you, ensuring to give at least 7 days notice)

Step 02

At the agreed time slot, an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will meet you at the pre-agreed location.

Step 03

Student and ADI verify each other based upon the information provided by MockDrivingTest portal 24 hours before the test.

Step 04

The ADI will conduct a mock test in an environment resembling the DVSA practical driving test.

Step 05

At the end of the lesson or test, you will sit with the instructor and fill out the lesson report together.

This report will identify whether you passed or failed your mock test, and it will be fed into the AI recommendations for any future lessons so it is crucial that it is completed by both yourself and the instructor.

Our mock driving tests help you know before the date of your test, if you're likely to pass,  and if not, what could cause you to fail so you can take more driving lessons.

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