provides end to end support and mentoring for the learner drivers to obtain their driving license.

The following is a list of courses that the learner drivers can book through our website. If you have any queries we will be pleased to help and mentor you.

*Please provide the following details for rates in your area:

*Course Duration **Rates From Existing Driving Experience
Practical Mock Driving Test 1 hour £ 85 Ready For Driving Test

Practical Mock Driving Test (Premium Package) 2 hours £ 150 Ready For Driving Test

Introduction to Driving 5 hours £ 250 0 hours (Offers maximum freebies - Real Value for Money!!)

Zero to Hero 40 hours £ 2000 - £ 3600 None

Fast Track Course 40 hours £ 2000 - £ 3600 None

Zero to Hero - All options included 45 hours £ 2250 - £ 4050 0 hours (This course includes 2 hours of F2F theory test tuition | Car hire to and from the centre plus ADI fees)

* = The learner driver is responsible for obtaining a provisional license before attending these lessons.

** = Additional charges may apply for night driving and weekend lessons