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Step 3: Payment

I'm aware that

  • My personal data will be stored securely on Mock Driving Test servers (Mock Driving test uses end to end encryption to secure data in transit and at rest)
  • My test results will be used for preparing stastics to evaluate success of the site but no one will be able to identify me through the stats
  • Mock Driving Test are happy to provide me all the data they hold about me within 7 days of me requesting them for it I accept the privacy policy
  • The Requested Date and Time may change in regards to the availabilty of an ADI.

I hereby agree that

I will hold a valid UK provisional license or full license from a foreign country when I take a lesson/ mock-test.
I am aware that I will lose the booking fee if I cancel a lesson/ mock-test within 48 hours of the scheduled time.
I agree to theTerms and Conditionsset by Mock Driving Test.